• Not sure which rebreather is for you? We offer regular try dives on popular units
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  • Buying a rebreather? We can supply and support JJ-CCR, X-CCR and AP units
  • From Malin Head to Truk Lagoon and beyond, we offer trips to the world's best dive destinations!
Welcome to Diving In Depth
We are the Technical & Rebreather Experts
At Diving in Depth we are all about the diving! Whether you are looking for diver training or travel, the end objective is the same - to enjoy the very best in great diving!

We train on and supply the AP Diving, JJ-CCR and X-CCR range of rebreathers as well offering a wide range of Open Circuit courses through to Normoxic Trimix.

Diving in Depth is located in Plymouth UK, which offers fantastic diving right on our doorstep. Regular training spots in the UK are the inland quarries - Vobster, NDAC, Stoney Cove and Capenwray - and in the sea, specifically the South Coast and Scapa Flow. Malta and Croatia are our popular European training locations, other locations are available on request.

Dive trips and expeditions are lead by us throughout the UK, Europe and globally, visiting some of the world's top diving locations. Want to visit Truk Lagoon? We can make it happen.

Please have a look around and if you don't find what you are looking for don't hesitate to contact us. You can see what we are up to by finding us on Facebook.
Interested in training with Diving In Depth? You can contact Kieran Hatton by phone...

07981 122523
Alternatively, by email...

Kieran Hatton
Kieran Hatton learned to dive in 1996 at the tender age of just 14 years old. Prior to visiting Scapa Flow for the first time, he took his first tech course at 16 and has never looked back.

For Kieran Hatton, diving is a passion and technical training is the necessary tool to access good, enjoyable, safe diving - at whatever depth and whatever equipment configuration is needed for the chosen dive.

Currently based in Plymouth, Kieran teaches both open circuit and rebreather nitrox/trimix. Kieran is well regarded within the dive industry for his knowledge, for his practicality and for his passion for thorough course training with each and every student.

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Buying a rebreather?
We can supply and support
JJ-CCR, X-CCR and AP units
We are the
CCR Experts...
We are able to train on and supply both new and used AP Inspiration, JJ-CCR and X-CCR units. We have been fortunate enough to dive our rebreathers in some amazing locations and hope that you can too!

A huge part of our courses is to not rush - we aim to schedule enough time to allow you to learn at a pace that suits you. We take a practical approach to our training - there is more benefit in stripping your own rebreather than looking at picture of someone elses!

Throughout in water training, we try to instil a mindset of being a 'thinking diver'. Just reading a handset is not sufficient to understand what your rebreather is doing - our training encourages you to think ahead and so you know what to expect your handset to show...

Dive trips & travel opportunities...
Whilst training should always be enjoyable, we never forget that its purpose is to enable you to go out and enjoy great diving!

The anticipation of great diving - whether it be a weekend in the Channel, a week in Malin or perhaps even a trip of a lifetime to Truk - is the best motivator to keep those skills sharp! We pride ourselves on offering well-organised trips and expeditions to some of the very best diving destinations.

We run a regular calendar of trips to some of the best diving locations in the world. From Norway, Scapa Flow, Croatia, Malin Head and Jutland to Malta, NE Scotland, the English Channel, the caves of France and Florida and, of course, Truk Lagoon, our knowledge of these destinations is second to none.

We are all about diving!