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Malin Head
World class cold water wreck diving
Interested in training or dive travel with Diving In Depth? You can contact Kieran Hatton by phone...

07981 122523
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Everyone wants to dive Malin Head these days and it's easy to see why - offering breathtaking wreck diving in often unbelievably clear conditions, the diving here is world class! Join Diving in Depth on a personalised itinerary to dive the famous wrecks of North West Donegal, Ireland.
Wreck photography pioneer Leigh Bishop produced a stunning portfolio of images from the Malin wrecks in the early noughties. Shot on black and white film before the days of digital, these were a driving force in Kieran's early tech diving and could be credited as a key factor in opening up the diving off Malin Head to the wider world.

At Diving in Depth we are passionate about diving. We want to share that passion with you whilst making sure every step of your journey is as smooth as possible.

Your trip will be led by Kieran Hatton, an experienced open and closed circuit trimix instructor, equipment technician and keen photographer. Kieran keeps equipment functioning and people diving whether he is working from the back of his van, in the workshop, or many places in between and beyond!
The Perfect Partnership
Working with Michael McVeigh gives us one of the best skippers in the business. His knowledge and process for precision placement of shotlines on the wrecks is second to none. His boat the Rosguill is a great sea boat with lots of handholds and an attentive crew person to keep the kettle boiling! Michael deploys the decompression station whilst shotting the wreck and also drops a line during deco for unwanted bailout cylinders; could he make it any easier for us?!
Why visit Malin Head?
It's not a difficult question to answer. Put simply, Malin Head is stunning - Great visibility and an outstanding diversity of wrecks. Irish hospitality is an added bonus!

A combination of Atlantic water and sediment the size of your fist can make for some truly unforgettable visibility. 30m of viz is not uncommon here but, as with everything, nothing is guaranteed.

During both World Wars as the threat of U-Boat activity increased the British shifted their convoys from a course into the South Coast ports, to those of the North, thereby passing Malin Head. This made for a new area of rich pickings for the U-Boats.
The seabed is littered with the remains of ocean going liners and big merchant vessels, famous names such as Justicia, Empire Heritage, Viknor to name but a few, victim of mine or torpedo. Coupled with British naval activity in the area - the British fleet was based in Lough Swilly for a time - the wreck of HMS Audacious a must.

Post World War II, the surrendered German U-Boats were mustered in Lough Foyle before being towed to sea out and sank as part of Operation Deadlight.

Malin really is a veritable divers playground with big guns, big wrecks, big visibility and even World War II tanks piled up like Tonka toys. It is a wreck diver's dream!
Diving procedures
Diving Malin Head isn't complicated but there are some simple guidelines that you need to adhere to in order to ensure that your trip is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

First and foremost, all dives are conducted on a return to shot basis. You will need a personalised tag to 'tag into' the deco station.

It is also highly advisable to have a strobe to attach to the bottom of the shotline as an aid to navigation. If you are unable to return to the shotline then you will be expected to deploy a DSMB immediately - please be equipped to deploy this from the bottom. We will supply 2 x oxygen drop sets on 6m of line that the boat crew will deploy on sighting a yellow DSMB (this should be to aid deco, not because you have run out of gas).

We ask that dive times are limited to 3 hours (less is ok too), we feel that this is a long time for a 'self supported' dive team and allows a good bottom times at all the target depths. If a group would like to undertake longer dives then we can accommodate this by putting in place the appropriate support. Please phone to discuss your needs.
Choose your Malin week
Malin Classics Week
11th - 16th July 2021
A perfect week here would see us diving all the Malin Head classics - the Justicia, the Empire Heritage, HMS Audacious and a U-Boat - either the big type XXI deadlight U2511 or the WW1 operational boat U89. There is also the liner Laurentic, which is more sheltered and saved as a weather option.

The maximum depth for this week is 70m, both open and closed circuit rebreather divers are welcome but please ensure you are suitably qualified before booking.
85m Wreck Week
18th - 23rd July 2021
The aim of this week is to move beyond the Malin classics. Popular with those that have dived the area before, target wrecks are HMS Viknor (a steam/sail liner requisitioned as an auxillary cruiser), SS Devonian (cargo liner), HMS Hurst Castle (corvette/sub hunter) and SS Manchester commerce (merchant ship).

The maximum depth for this week is 85m, both open and closed circuit rebreather divers are welcome but please ensure you are suitably qualified before booking.
Malin costs
& booking info
Fancy joing us for some world-class wreck diving? Spaces are limited so contact us today to secure your spot on what promises to be an epic trip!

To book your place, please email us to confirm availability first. We will then request a deposit and a booking form be completed.

The cost of diving Malin Head breaks down as follows:

  • Cost per week is £675 per person
  • Shared room €40 per person per night
  • Single room €55 per person per night.
  • Campervans can be parked at the lodge for €20 per night.

NOTE: If accommodation is not taken at Fishermans Lodge a supplementary charge of €20 per night will be added to the boat charter price. All accommodation must be paid for locally in € cash.

Malin travel logistics
For most people travelling from the UK/Ireland a car is the logical choice. We will help people combine logistics where we can.

A popular ferry route is the overnight from Liverpool to Belfast and back, the Friday night return crossing often working well. It is best to book a flexi ticket though as diving will take priority, so if the weather is set for a late dive on the Friday then that will dictate the finish time. Routes from Holyhead, Stranraer and Fishguard all work well too.

Flying in? We can help with cylinders for those flying in but a hire car will still be beneficial, both Belfast and Dublin airports are well served internationally.

It is suggested that you purchase diving insurance, we will be diving in waters off Ireland, not the UK, so any requirement for medical treatment may not result in evacuation to a UK hospital/chamber.

Whilst the UK does have agreements with Ireland/the EU these may be about to change as the UK leaves the European Union.

Travelling from outside the UK, same advice applies, as evacuation may be from Ireland to the UK. Standard travel insurance is also strongly advised.

We will be staying at Fishermans Lodge on the beautiful Rosguill Peninsular, this is aligned to the boat and is run by Michael and Heather.

Rooms are twin/triple share with a limited number of single occupancy available. By booking the diving you also agree to book this accommodation - diving package costs will increase if alternative accommodation is preferred. Accommodation cancelled within 14 days is payable in full.

Campervans can be parked at Fisherman's lodge with water and electricity available - costs are detailed above.
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